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You  Can  Stitch  With  Us

Learn. Create. Collaborate.

A  Community  of  Makers

You Can Stitch With Us is a community of artists and art enthusiasts. Our mission is to bring people with a passion for creation together to learn, create and collaborate.


Join us on this creative journey.


Come, You can sit with us :)

  • Delhi Meetup
    Delhi Meetup
    Date and time is TBD
    Location is TBD
    Date and time is TBD
    Location is TBD
    A fun cozy gathering where we meet to get to know each other, share WIPs and laughs & have a good time in general (You need not be an artist to be a part of this)

Let us Collaborate

If you are an artist or an organization and believe we could work together in any capacity to facilitate meet ups, workshops and more, please fill in the form below.


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